Testimonial - 5th December 2016 PDF Print E-mail

* Very Fit

* More Confident

* Has been able to defend himself if needed in playground situations.

By Maximilian Stanley (Age: 5)

Testimonial - 10th December 2016 PDF Print E-mail

In the past 2 years here I have a new found respect for myself and my peers.

By Elijah Stevenson (Age: 26)

Testimonial - 13th October 2016 PDF Print E-mail

Being a newcomber to the central coast I didn't know a lot of people, although I am a generally shy person, I had no problem talking to the teachers and students of Munen Muso.  The first time I came over it actually surprised me how welcoming everyone was.  Thanks to this attitude and approach of Munen Muso I feel like I have more confidence in myself and a much more willingness to meet new people.


By Sean Liao (Age:  14)

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Steven's behaviour at home and at school have improved greatly.  He has a better attitude and more pride in himself.  Last year he had multiple suspensions from school.  This year he has received an award from the school principal for good behaviour.

By Mother of Steven O'Brien (Age 8)

Testimonial - May 2016 PDF Print E-mail

Munen Muso has helped Luca's confidence and pride immensely especially in the past year with his illness effecting him.  He is confident in himself and holds his own when in situations that are confronting and usually would make him react in a negative way. We believe without Munen Muso Martial Arts he would not be coping as well.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Tracey Dimech

Testimonial - Dec 2013 PDF Print E-mail

Hi, I just wanted to say thankyou to you both for putting on a great night... and for sharing a few pictures of Nathan and yourself, he's so proud of his achievement so far and was on such a high after receiving his award and also being welcomed into the Munen Muso family that he insisted we go for a walk to the carnival afterwards, something he couldn't previously do without having an anxiety attack (only 12 months ago).  I was more nervous walking around Gosford at that time of night - but Nathan assured me we'd be fine because he knows what to do if we were approached!  He is a totally different kid - already!  You can see it in his face, his confidence in himself really has gone through the roof!  Thank you so much for taking the time to personally train with Nathan and being understanding to his needs - you've helped him see himself in a more positive light.  He now has goals he wants to achieve and they're all through Munen Muso Martial Arts, you really are a teacher of teachers and I'm so glad our paths have crossed!  He's exactly were he's meant to be, so its with much gratitude that again i say THANK YOU.

Traci Summers

Testimonial - May 2013 PDF Print E-mail

Dear Gary & Leanne,

I wanted to write to you both to express how impressed I am with your Martial Arts Facility, Munen Muso.  I have two sons whom have been attending your Little Ninja's program for over a year now.  I truly feel the lessons that you have been teaching them in your Dojo have gone far beyond your competitors.  I come from a family who have been heavily involved in Martial Arts here on the Cenral Coast for over 20 years, myself included.  All of my family members have attended lessons and gradings at Munen Muso and share, wholeheartedly, my thoughts and expressions of praise for the level of care and discipline you are teaching the children.

My eldest son was quite shy and withdrawn socially when we first enrolled him.  Through skill, guidance, respect and a sense of belonging, you have offered him the much needed tools to build on his self confidence and self worth.  He eagerly awaits his classes each week and confidently approaches each grading with a sense of achievement and value.  For this I am especially grateful.

On a personal note, it is no secret how accomplished you both are in your own Martial Arts careers but to apply this level of stature to nurture future generations, is rare and should not be taken for granted.  You both teach in a way that honours your craft and skill set whilst being friendly, approachable, humble and genuinely interested in your students and their families.  This the very essence of why I will encourage my children to stay on at your facility for as long as their passion continues, which I sincerely hope is right throughout their lives.

With the warmest regards I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Munen Muso to other families.

Yours Sincerely,

Perri Church - Alexander and Samuel's Mum.

Richard Norton Testimonial - 6th April 2013 PDF Print E-mail



Testimonial - May 2013 PDF Print E-mail

I would like to say thank you for the professionalism displayed by you and your staff and the excellent equipment and facilities you offer.  My grandson Clay, has found the Dojo a friendly environment and he has been fortunate in making new friends there.


I bought Clay to Munen Muso Martial Arts Australia at a time in his life when he was confronted with challenges a boy his age should not have.  He has grown in confidence and self-esteem over the past year and has become his bright happy self again.  This improvement can also be seen in school with great improvements in many areas.  Clay also participants in water polo and rugby and his attitude, behaviour and focus is a credit to him.


Personally, I attribute these positive changes to his martial arts training as he has gained confidence, respect, discipline and fitness which in turn has helped him cope with stress and tension in a positive way.  The fact that he loves to go and learn new skills is a testimony to your teaching methods and it is rewarding to see him on his way to receiving his black belt.


I recommend Munen Muso Martial Arts to any child because of the positive influences outlined above.

John McKeown (Clay's Pop)

Testimonial - 1 June 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Thanks Gary for offering to do a make up session this week, we think the time would be best used for some more practice.  We had a developmental assessment for Eoin yesterday in Sydney, an appointment that has been 6 months in the making!  There have been ongoing concerns that he is delayed in areas of fine and gross motor development.  Coming to your centre has been based on assisting him to become more competent physically, understand the authority in the teacher role, 'listen' to instructions! and of course have some fun.  His assessment shows that he has indeed caught up on his gross and fine motor skills and we have to assume his lessons and practice have assisted with that, Thank you.  One a very positive note, he performed outstandingly in a couple of areas including language and conceptual thinking, so he really is a bright little spark under all that attitude!


Hope you had a safe and productive trip to Parramatta and we will see you next week.


Kind Regards,


Testimonial - 12 February 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Gary and Leanne

Just a quick note to express our appreciation and gratitude re your professionalism and support of my children Tahlia (5), Dylan (8) and Jackson (11). As you are aware we started Jackson and Dylan in your classes’ approx 5 years ago for approx 18 months before we moved to Western NSW. In that time we saw their confidence, focus and self esteem grow significantly which we largely attributed to their participation in your classes.

Since returning to the coast we have re-enrolled our whole family. In a short period, we have seen all three children continue to grow in confidence and demonstrate respect and focus. I attribute much of this to your curriculum, professionalism and kindness that are displayed by yourself and all staff within your business. The dojo is a friendly, respectful and inclusive environment.

As you are aware I am a Sergeant within the NSW Police Force and on a daily basis see the negative aspects of our community. I strongly feel that if your teachings and philosophy were available to the broader community that this would have a positive effect on those involved and reduce the lack of respect and self worth that is growing within our culture. Again a sincere thankyou to you and your staff.



Wayne Heinze

Testimonial - 5th February 2011 PDF Print E-mail

To whom it may concern,

I am a Physical Education teacher at St Joseph's Catholic College, East Gosford.  I have the pleasure of a professional association with Gary Johnson of Munen Muso Mixed Martial Arts for the past five years.  During this time, Gary has coordinated a highly relevant, dynamic and progressive Self Defense program in response to our school's specific needs.  These quality programs can also be tailored for practical assessment and grading purposes.

In addition to immaculate facilities and equipment, our students have enjoyed interacting with highly qualified, experienced, and friendly staff at Munen Muso.   Self Defense has proven to be an exciting and empowering inclusion in our PDHPE and SPORT program, with students gaining valuable skills for life.

I confidently give the staff and facilities at Munen Muso my highest possible recommendation. 




Mrs Yvonne Ogle

PDHPE Teacher, St Joseph's Catholic College

East Gosford, NSW 2250

Testimonial - 27 July 2010 PDF Print E-mail

Munen Muso Parent Comment

Jamie has been going to Munen Muso for 3 years. When he started he was 4 years old. It has been wonderful to watch him progress not only as a Little Ninja with good karate and self defence skills, but also as a person with respect and self discipline.

To top it all off he just had his 7th birthday party at Munen Muso and he couldn’t have been any prouder to show his mates his karate skills and to introduce them to Kyoshi.

Yvette Zocher

Testimonials PDF Print E-mail

Hi Gary/Leanne,

Thought I would send a quick note to say a big thank-you.

Tahlia who has just turned six has loved every minute of the little ninja's since joining at the beginning of the year. At first she was not keen to try karate, but since turning up to Munen Muso and meeting Gary and Sharon she has not stopped asking everyday is karate on today dad and cant wait to jump up to the front of the class in relax position ready for class each time.

She has gained discipline, concentration, respect, self defence, team work and confidence. Each class is slightly different focusing on different aspects each time and she especially loves the Sensei says and dodge ball at the end.

Thanks heaps


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