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Gary and Leanne are professional instructors with a wealth of knowledge teaching a mixed martial arts, karate and a self defense program that works. My daughter and I have been students of Munen Muso Martial Arts Studio for over a year, we have trained at other Central Coast Martial Arts schools however they don't even come close to the standard of teaching and the fees are affordable.

I recommend coming in for at least a look, the students are all friendly, supportive and everyone will make you feel welcome and help you achieve your goals. They would not be a student of Munen Muso otherwise.

Nothing beats the confidence of knowing that if something goes wrong or your family are attacked in the street or the home that we have a much better chance of protecting ourselves. Gary and Leanne teach techniques that work.

My daughter has a new set of skills that she shows off to her family and friends, and I have piece of mind knowing that as the years pass and my daughter reaches teenage years she can protect herself.

Give me a call if you would like some information from a students point of view.

Robert Corse-Scott
0410 366 108