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Munen Muso Martial Arts - Erina, Central Coast 




Many of our Students who wish to, voluntarily, enter Inter Club and National Tournaments at the highest level ‘frequently’ scoop Gold and Silver Medals and First Place Trophies in the majority of contests they enter, which is by no means as easy as it may seem, but these results have come about because of their commitment and incredible respect for their Master Instructors.  Having said all of that it is NOT expected of ANY Student to participate in Tournaments, this is ‘strictly’ the choice of the individual Student.

Some years ago Soke Gary received personal recognition by the Emperor of Japan to “Samurai” Status, something that only THREE other Australian Grand Masters had previously been acknowledged for. He was also recently inducted into the “Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame” along with the “World Karate Union Hall of Fame” by his peers.
Also there is his wife of ‘Master’ Level 7th Dan Leanne (Janvrin) Johnson (Kyoshi-Sama) who is one of the most regarded Traditional Karate and Kata Instructors available today. Kyoshi Leanne has won ‘many’ Gold and Silver Medals including MANY ‘First Place’ Trophies at numerous Australian and International Tournaments in her earlier years and is still recognised today as one of the ‘finest’ Exponents and Master Instructors of Traditional Kata in Australia taking many of our Students to Silver and Gold Medals in both Individual and Synchronised Kata.
Together Gary and Leanne combined their wealths of knowledge into the comprehensive Martial Arts Style which they named MUNEN MUSO, which means “to act calmly and naturally in the face of danger...” and have nurtured many many Students to Black Belt Level and beyond, BUT if the ‘Traditional’ aspect of the Martial Arts (Karate etc) which does take some commitment (as many people of ALL ages really enjoy) is not for you then you can enjoy the benefits of some of our other programs offered at our school: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Krav Maga (Close Quarter Tactics Self Defence) and Hyper Pro Training
We have one of the Best Equipped and Safest facilitates available today with a great atmosphere. We are ‘Child Focused’ and ‘Adult Savvy’....!!! We will not only teach you all of the ‘proper’ techniques we will also educate you and your children, even your ‘parents’, in the Martial Arts Way’:- Respect, Self Respect, Confidence, Discipline and Self Discipline at all levels. Your children will gradually transform into ‘motivated’ self starters who will be taught to show Respect to all AND they will gradually learn to empathise with others so that they can, eventually, appreciate how others feel and respond.


We could also state that WE are the BEST on the Central Coast as some others declare, so we would like YOU to come and see for your selves and YOU can make that decision.... obligation FREE....


In closing we would also like to inform you that there are NO LONG TERM OR LOCK-IN CONTRACTS.
We do provide lots of different pricing packages depending on your schedule and requirements.
Looking forward to meeting you.... Please, give us a call, or just drop in and say hello....


Bring the entire family!




By joining up in our dynamic martial arts program for people for all ages, you will be on a journey of enjoying one of the most powerful experiences of your life.



Benefits of our martial arts training:

  • It helps release stress and tension
  • It provides a means of self defense
  • It builds a sound body as well as a sound mind
  • It enhances conditioning, flexibility, agility, coordination
  • It can aide in weight reduction, increase endurance
  • It develops confidence, respect, discipline, character, concentration, leadership
  • It promotes a feeling of well being
  • It promotes greater self esteem
  • It will energise your life in a fun and exciting way
  • All family members are invited!


Teens and Children will learn to concentrate and focus their energy constructively which results in better school work and grades.


Our system will help you teach your children the following benefits:.

  • We will provide you with a safe and positive environment
  • We will promote conflict avoidance
  • Aware of negative peer pressure
  • Help develop goal setting
  • Higher self esteem
  • Promote better school grades
  • Greater understanding of respect & discipline
  • Develop a positive and winning attitude
  • Teamwork and team building
  • Learn to give unconditional love
  • They will learn the Black Belt Success System
  • Classes are fun, exciting, educational, and empowering!



A family that trains together sticks together! Munen Muso Martial Arts offers many programs that will fit your family needs. Mums and dads not only will you achieve the benefits of greater health, fitness, and self defence awareness more importantly you experience family bonding.




Munen Muso Brings you the Worlds Best 

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Unit 5, 185 The Central Coast Highway
Erina, Central Coast, NSW 2250
Phone: 02 4367 0357
Fax: 02 43731 060

Munen Muso Mixed Martial Arts AustraliaMM New Studio MAP 2012

Shop 3a, 330 The Entrance Road, Erina, Central Coast, NSW 2250

(Next to Planit Kitchens - in the same complex as Modern Wall & Floor Tiles Erina)
Phone: 02 4367 0357
Fax: 02 43731 060




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