Testimonial - May 2013 Print

Dear Gary & Leanne,

I wanted to write to you both to express how impressed I am with your Martial Arts Facility, Munen Muso.  I have two sons whom have been attending your Little Ninja's program for over a year now.  I truly feel the lessons that you have been teaching them in your Dojo have gone far beyond your competitors.  I come from a family who have been heavily involved in Martial Arts here on the Cenral Coast for over 20 years, myself included.  All of my family members have attended lessons and gradings at Munen Muso and share, wholeheartedly, my thoughts and expressions of praise for the level of care and discipline you are teaching the children.

My eldest son was quite shy and withdrawn socially when we first enrolled him.  Through skill, guidance, respect and a sense of belonging, you have offered him the much needed tools to build on his self confidence and self worth.  He eagerly awaits his classes each week and confidently approaches each grading with a sense of achievement and value.  For this I am especially grateful.

On a personal note, it is no secret how accomplished you both are in your own Martial Arts careers but to apply this level of stature to nurture future generations, is rare and should not be taken for granted.  You both teach in a way that honours your craft and skill set whilst being friendly, approachable, humble and genuinely interested in your students and their families.  This the very essence of why I will encourage my children to stay on at your facility for as long as their passion continues, which I sincerely hope is right throughout their lives.

With the warmest regards I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Munen Muso to other families.

Yours Sincerely,

Perri Church - Alexander and Samuel's Mum.