Testimonial - 1 June 2011 Print

Thanks Gary for offering to do a make up session this week, we think the time would be best used for some more practice.  We had a developmental assessment for Eoin yesterday in Sydney, an appointment that has been 6 months in the making!  There have been ongoing concerns that he is delayed in areas of fine and gross motor development.  Coming to your centre has been based on assisting him to become more competent physically, understand the authority in the teacher role, 'listen' to instructions! and of course have some fun.  His assessment shows that he has indeed caught up on his gross and fine motor skills and we have to assume his lessons and practice have assisted with that, Thank you.  One a very positive note, he performed outstandingly in a couple of areas including language and conceptual thinking, so he really is a bright little spark under all that attitude!


Hope you had a safe and productive trip to Parramatta and we will see you next week.


Kind Regards,