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    The human body is build in such a way that its vital organs have solid defenses against external attacks.  However, there are areas of the human anatomy, junction points of the nerve and circulatory systems, in soft tissue as well as the bones,  where muscular-skeletal structure is opened to the exterior and therefore especially vulnerable.  These areas and Vital Points, which have been described in the Eastern tradition and in modern anatomy and biology, are the basic material on which Kyusho-Jitsu works, the Art of the Vital Points.


    More than a martial arts style, Kyusho is an area that has been studied in practically every traditional school of combat in the past, generally treated as a secret art.  Also known in China as Dim Mak, Kyusho is an essential complement for those who are interested in increasing the effectiveness of their defense techniques no matter what style they practice.



    If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Hanshi Gary on Ph: 4367 0357




    BELOW - Chief Instructor - Hanshi Gary Johnson


    demonstrating self defence and Kyusho Pressure Point Knockout at a local Tournament             





    Founder & Chief Instructor - Hanshi Gary Johnson

    • Former Regional Director Kyusho International Alliance NSW
    • 8th Degree Black Belt & Grandmaster Instructor of Munen Muso Martial Arts
    • 7th Degree Black Belt Kojosho Karate Federation
    • 4th Degree Masters level Kyusho
    • 3rd Degree Black Belt Jujitsu
    • Former Defensive Tactics Instructor
    • Multi award Recipient with over 37 years experience




    Australian Kyusho Medical Research Advisers


    • Dr D. Cavanagh